Landscape Information

General Information about the HHV Landscape

Our 22-acre property consists of two distinct areas: the more formally designed grounds immediately around the 100 homes and the farther removed, undeveloped slopes which remain in their natural state.  Included in the property are more than a thousand trees, miles of irrigation, and a huge investment in design and plant materials.

The design concept for the grounds presents a Mediterranean-style setting of plants and trees which require less water and maintenance, featuring California native and fire-resistant varieties. The purpose of this design is to enhance our homes as well as our stunning views of the San Francisco Bay and Oakland hills.  Developed more than 20 years ago by a nationally known landscape design firm, the original plan and its specified plant and tree inventory have been only slightly modified based on years of in-the-ground successes and failures at HHV.  Several considerations control all plantings on the property, including the design plan, the current specified plant inventory, our difficult growing conditions, and cost, most especially with regard to water.

The grounds include seven benches and a walking trail, front-door gardens, an Italian-style garden, streetscapes, several small pocket gardens, and the beautiful natural slopes rolling down behind the homes.

How the Grounds are Maintained:

The HHV landscape is managed by a volunteer homeowner committee. This committee supervises the use of Association resources for general garden and irrigation system maintenance, for tree care, for water usage, and for planned removal and replacement of plants.  The committee responds to all homeowner requests for service and to all irrigation, tree, or erosion emergencies.

Contracted labor for maintenance of the grounds around the homes and the irrigation system is provided by one vendor on the property weekly year-round.  The same vendor also maintains all the trees, working the property on a three- to four-year rotational schedule which includes pruning attention to each tree once during that cycle. Selected varieties of trees are fertilized annually.  A separate landscape company works the natural areas seasonally to ensure compliance with the Oakland fire code.

How Does the Homeowner Fit into this System?

All HHV homeowners are provided, by the Association, with a maintenance-free setting.  Where homes have fenced back yards (uphill units) homeowners may maintain these "exclusive use common areas" as they wish, provided that plants, trees, and accessories conform to Association rules and the Oakland fire code and cause no harm or inconvenience to others.  (Please read the CC&Rs for details.)

Aside from these fenced back yards, ALL the HHV land, plants, trees, irrigation, paths, and benches are owned in common by all 100 homeowners.  Residents may not add, subtract, or change anything on the common area without prior approval from the Landscape Committee.  Homeowners may not hire private contractors to work the common area grounds or trees.  Anything placed on the common area becomes the property of all 100 homeowners.  Should damage or unauthorized changes to the land occur, the homeowner is responsible for damage costs, replacement costs, and/or fines.

Many homeowners wish to personalize the front plantings of their homes.  This can be done by means of plants in decorative pots placed on the hardscape or on balconies.  Maintenance and water for these plants are the responsibility of the individual homeowner.

The Landscape Committee welcomes and carefully considers service requests, suggestions, and requests for upgrades to plantings around homes.  Committee meetings are open to all homeowners.  Homeowner contact via email to Michael Lee at Collins Management ( is always welcome.

Homeowner Requests for Service:

If you would like to request landscape service, please submit the appropriate form as indicated below.  We recommend that more complex requests be submitted manually with drawings.

To Request Plant Replacements or Plant Upgrades around a Home:

Homeowner service requests are accepted for consideration only in writing using the form included on this website.  Click on "Quick Links" and choose "Request for Grounds Service" or click on the "Documents" heading at the upper left-hand corner of the home page, then scroll down to "Forms," and download "hhv-Grounds Service Request Form.pdf".  Please fill out the form and drop it in the HHV mailbox at 37 Starview Drive or scan and email it to Michael Lee at Collins Management (

If you are requesting changes in plantings, please first review the landscape and common area rules listed below.  All requests are considered on the basis of the overall landscape plan, conformance to the defined plant and tree list, and community budget commitments for the current fiscal year.  Members of the Landscape Committee are happy to work with you on your requests.

To Request Tree Service:

During the period July 1 through August 31 each year homeowner tree service requests are accepted for consideration only in writing using the form included on this website.  Click on "Quick Links" and choose "Request for Additional Tree Service" or click on the "Documents" heading at the upper left-hand corner of the homepage, scroll down to "Forms," and download "hhv-Tree Service Request Form.pdf".  Please fill out the form and drop it in the HHV mailbox at 37 Starview Drive or scan and email it to Michael Lee at Collins Management ( 

To Report Emergencies Involving Trees, Irrigation or Erosion:

Any homeowner seeing an irrigation, tree, or erosion problem can/should contact the Landscape Committee or Michael Lee at Collins Management for immediate service.  Please see the contact information provided below.

Contact Information:

For emergencies, contact:

Michael Lee, Collins Management (510) 262-1795, ext. 23 or

For non-emergency contact with the Landscape Committee, please email Michael Lee at Collins Management (  Landscape request forms may be put in the HHV Mailbox at 37 Starview Drive or scanned and emailed to Michael Lee.

Landscape Committee Meeting Schedule:

The Landscape Committee usually meets the second Tuesday of each month, subject to change.  These meetings are open to all homeowners.  Please email Michael Lee to confirm date, time, and location.

Landscape Committee Membership for 2019-20:

Karen Faircloth, Bet Lai, Pam Williams, Akiko Yuda, Judy Stone, and Susie Neffinger.


CC&R's Article 11

The Landscape Committee supervises all landscaping in the Common Area and the front yards of the Residences. No addition, alteration, change or modification shall be permitted

upon or to a Lot or Residence unless prior written approval is obtained from the Board in accordance with the procedures set forth in Article 11.

In addition, the following Landscape Rules shall apply:

1. An Application for Landscaping Change is required to change or replace existing landscaping different from the Association's Landscape Plan. Any "new" plants must have the same water requirements as the surrounding plants.

2. The height or placement of trees or other plantings on Exclusive Use Common Areas and back yard enclosures shall not impede the view of another Owner or the structural integrity of the Residence or of another Residence. All plantings in Exclusive Use Common Areas and back yard enclosures must conform to all Fire Code regulations of the State of California and the Oakland Fire Department.

3. Outside vendors maintain landscaping for the Common Area, front landscaped areas, tree work and fire prevention in the unlandscaped areas. Residents are to notify the HHV Landscape Committee, or the property management firm, for all landscaping requests, such as broken sprinklers, irrigation leaks, and replacement of plants that have died or are not thriving or fallen tree limbs.

4. The Owner is responsible for ensuring that contractors maintain a safe and clean area and all debris, materials and tools are cleared upon completion of their work. The repair and replacing of any landscaping damaged by a contractor hired by the Owner, as well as for cleanup of any debris, is the Owner’s responsibility. Any landscape repair or clean-up done by the Association’s landscape service will be billed to the Owner.



CC&R's, 7.1


1. No alteration or addition to the Common Area is permitted without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors.

2. The Association maintains landscaping of the Common Area and the landscaped areas in front of individual residences.

3. Nothing shall be altered, constructed, placed, kept, stored, parked, planted, or removed within the Common Area or the landscaped areas in front of individual residences without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors.

4. The Common Area is to be kept free of rubbish, debris and other unsightly or unsanitary materials.

5. Each Owner is responsible for any damage to the Common Area caused by the Owner, Resident, tenant, guest, invitee or contractor.

6. There is to be no obstruction to any partof the Common Area.

7. Nothing is to be done, placed or kept within the Development that will increase the rate of insurance or result in cancellation of insurance under any insurance policy maintained by the Association, or which is in violation of any governmental statute, ordinance, rule or regulation.